Markus Molitor Riesling 2012

Sushi is more popular than ever. It can be quite challenging to find a suitable wine for a sushi meal. The reason for this is the huge amount of different flavors in sushi. You have to take sweet, salty and acids into consideration. Wheh drinking wine with food, we want it to enhance the flavors in the food, and let the food enhance the wine. This is not easy with sushi, but I think this wine does the trick!

This riesling has a medium weight and fullness, which is just enough to keep it from drowning in the flavors from the sushi. On the other hand, it is light enough to not overtake the sushi. Perfect! These attributes make the wine ideal for shellfish, white fish and white meat. This is a good allrounder you can enjoy in many occations.

The wine smells of, like almost every riesling, apples and citrus. If you take a deep breath, you can also smell something reminding of flowers. The taste is pretty much the same as the smell, fresh and fruity. These attributes are also good for sushi.

The grapes in this wine origin from Mosel in Germany. Mosel is a river in the western part of the country. In this area there are two huge valleys, both known for their riesling. The geographical placement of Mosel is really demanding in terms of growing grapes. It’s pretty far north and the climate is challenging. The grapes need optimal placement in the valley to be able to develop properly.