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Italian Pizza

Italian pizza! For me, there is nothing like an Italian pizza. The thin crust, the fresh topping, the cheese, yummy! The secret behind a good Italian pizza is to keep it simple. Don’t overload the pizza with all the topping in the world, but stick with a few good ingredients. The second tip is to use flour for pizza purpose, normally Tipo 00, and keep the thickness of the pizza crust to a minimum.

Grilled Burger with Serrano, Coleslaw and Cheddar

Time to step it up a bit, and try to compose a burger which is easy to make, but incredibly tasty. Serve this to your friends and you will be the King! I was really hungry while making this, and it was really hard to resist snacking from the ingredients. I present to you, a mouth-watering burger you will make over and over again! 🙂 Of course, straight from the grill.