Louis Moreau Chablis 2011

Let me first tell you something. This is one of the very few wines I really find it difficult to find matching food to. Of course you CAN drink it to almost everything, but it just doesn’t give the wine the attention it deserves. Chablis is famous, and especially for one thing. They are all made of chardonnay, and the most famous
fact about them is how incredibly dry they are.


Chablis is a district of the famous Bourgogne and also a city. This is where the grapes origin from. Chablis’ geographical placement in France give a distinct taste to the grape. Because it’s located pretty far north, you get less floral taste to the wine, unlike the chardonnays from warmer climates. In addition to less floral, you
get more acids.

The color of the wine is light yellow, it looks young and fresh. It smells like apples and citrus, together with a smell reminding me of steel. I know it sounds funny, can you smell steel? 🙂 The taste is very fruity, but it has the balance and acid to handle it.


So, what do I think of this wine? I had scallops to accompany this wine, and I must say, it was pretty good! The only thing that I found a bit disappointing was the finish. It was simply not long enough.


Recommended for: Neutral seafood, salty cheese or just alone
Volume: 75cl
Price: 150 NOK
Rating: 7/10