French onion soup

First, let me tell you something; french onion soup is very easy to make. Even though it’s name might sound fancy and scare you away from trying to make your own.
In addition to this, you get a lot of bang for your bucks with this tasty apetizer.

Serving size: 2 pers
Estimated preparation time: 30 mins


2 white onions
1 clove garlic
3-4 tbs oil (neutral oils like sunflower, canola etc)
1 cube of vegetable broth
0,5 l water
1 tsp thyme
1 tsp sugar
Black pepper
Grated cheese
Slice of bread (pref. a day or more old)



Peel and slice the onions. Finely chop the garlic.


Use a frying pan with a decent amount of oil on medium/low heat. Carefully cook the onions until they turn transperent. The trick is NOT to get color on the onion, hence heat control is important. When the onions start to look finished, add the garlic and cook a few extra minutes.


Bring 0,5 l water to boil in a pot together with the broth. Put your cooked onions and garlic in together with sugar and thyme. Stir well and let the soup cook for approx 20 minutes.

If you have heat-proof bowls, you can gratinate the soup in the oven together with a piece of bread with grated cheese. If you do not have heat-proof bowls, fear not. Put two slices of bread with grated cheese on top in the oven and cook until the cheese gets a nice color. Then pour the soup into serving bowls and put the slice on top.

Enjoy! 🙂