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Italian Pizza

Italian pizza! For me, there is nothing like an Italian pizza. The thin crust, the fresh topping, the cheese, yummy! The secret behind a good Italian pizza is to keep it simple. Don’t overload the pizza with all the topping in the world, but stick with a few good ingredients. The second tip is to use flour for pizza purpose, normally Tipo 00, and keep the thickness of the pizza crust to a minimum.

Sour Dough Bread

Sour Dough Bread

I have always been a fan of fresh bread, and I have not been baking bread as much as I have wanted to, until now… After making my first sour dough starter, I fell in love with bread baking. The sensational feeling of creating your own yeast from scratch and putting it to use is great. The smell, the taste of fresh bread, and especially sour dough breads is something everybody should be able to experience in their homes.

White Chocolate Chili Pepper Ice Cream

Who loves ice cream? I certainly do, and the pleasure of making your own, special ice cream is something i really enjoy. The combination in this recipe with the supersweet white chocolate and vanilla, mixed with smoking hot chili pepper might sound crazy, but it works! The round, strong sweetness from the chocolate is accompanied by the heat from the chili and togheter they make a small symphony in the ice cream. 🙂