Marimar Estate Don Miguel Vineyard Chardonnay 2008

It is not very often I buy and taste wine from USA. Mostly, it is Italy, France and Germany. It is a shame that the other countries do not get more attention. There are a lot of good wine makers out there, but since they are not from well-known wine territory, we tend to avoid them. Do not be afraid of trying out something new!

I did some research and found Marimar Estate, or Don Miguel Vineyard to be more precise. It is located in the sunny California, USA. Don Miguel Vineyard is located in the Russian River Valley. The soil here is volcanic, light, sandy and well drained, which gives the grapes great conditions to grow and develop character.

Now, over to the best part, smelling and tasting the wine. I open the bottle and let it breathe a little. I poor it into my glass, staring at its color. It is made from 100% Chardonnay grapes, which should look a bit similar to the Chablis i tested. It is a bit more yellow and darker. It smells fantastic, you can really taste the love they have put into this bottle. It smells of minerals, and some oak.


The taste is not very different from the smell, but you get some good surprises. First, it tastes a bit of butter, and citrus cest. Of course, you can taste the oak, but it is not very intense. The best part of this wine has to be finish, it is really long with a hint of anis and those citrus fruits. Wow! Unlike the Chablis, this is not very dry, it has a balanced sweetness to it. I strongly recommend to try this wine.

Recommended for: Grilled seafood, chicken
Volume: 75cl
Price: 305 NOK
Rating: 10/10